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Friends AGM 11 September 2013

16 Friends attended the AGM on Wednesday 11 September. Not a vast assembly, but enough to constitute a Quorum, and so the proceedings were legal. Nigel Swann was re-elected as Chair, along with Treasurer Mick Moore and committee members Gwen Hallam and Rosemary Barton. Suzanne McKenna, who joined the Friends during the year, and was almost immediately co-opted as Secretary, was elected to the post for the first time.

The Treasurer noted that Friends funds were diminishing, to the point where it would no longer be possible to offer to pay for major items of refurbishment and repair in the church, but only to offer to assist with smaller items. Membership continued to grow, slowly, but new fund-raising ventures for the Friends were urgently needed.

The Chairman reported on activities by the Friends during the year, noting particularly the 70th Anniversary celebrations. The Spring Walk was, once again, the victim of bad weather, although it was down to snow and ice rather than rain. Other events were more successful, particularly Paul Wilson’s talk on the church Vestments. Nigel also noted that the website continued to attract favourable comments. In conclusion, he thanked the committee for their work during the year, and all those who gave their support to the Friends either financially or by attending the events.

The FriendsThe AGM was followed by a talk by Marian and Joe Pateman, who, although Friends, presently attend St Thomas’s Brampton. They described a three-week adventure in Peru in 2010, undertaken by 12 fearless volunteers from St Thomas’s, to provide practical help to several Christian Mission churches. It appeared to be a considerable leap into the unknown, with little idea of what they would be required to do. In the event, it was a mixture of physical labour (building fences, landscaping gardens), and taking part in the church schools activities.

The Friends


It was obvious from the pictures that accompanied the talk, that they were dealing with an enthusiastic and very happy collection of people. The children, especially, were an absolute delight, and all-in-all, it seemed to have been a very successful, and enjoyable venture.

Thanks to Marian and Joe for a most interesting evening.


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