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Coffee, Cakes and Quiz-7th August 2013

Misleading title: we had to do the quiz before we got the coffee and cakes! But that was the only thing wrong with a very lively and enjoyable evening in the Saints.

Some 30 Friends and friends of Friends had their memories, (and when those failed, imaginations) tested with another fiendish quiz put together by Nigel Swann.

It all sounded so simple. Ten sections, each with four questions. Get those four right, and spot the odd one out-a bonus if you could justify your answer-and six points were in the bag. What could go wrong? Too much!

From identifying well-known horror stories from their first lines, to identifying coffee brands from their advertising, we battled our way through all ten sections, the guessing becoming increasingly wild as we neared the end.

Pause for the coffee and cakes. A nice touch was cutting up the cakes and putting a selection on each table, rather than everyone scrambling round a buffet table. Committee members and friends put on a splendid show of home baking, and there was more than enough for everyone.

We had the usual raffle, with prizes well distributed around the room, and no-one winning twice, before it was time for the quiz answers, and we learnt the worst. At the end, two teams were only separated by one point, and that after three recounts. In a very magnanimous gesture, the eventual winners shared their Celebrations with the runners-up, and everyone was happy. A good quiz, with just enough in it to tax and encourage at the same time. Thanks to Nigel for his work as compiler.

It was gratifying for the Friends Committee to see so many people attend this event, and even more so to experience such a high-spirited atmosphere. To crown the social success, Friends funds benefited to the tune of £165; a sincere thank-you to everyone who bought tickets and contributed to a very successful evening.

John Duncan

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