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Friends AGM 7 September 2011

Nigel Swann, reported on the year’s activities. Events included the Spring walk, a visit to Wellow to view work in progress on the refurbishment of the stained glass in the East window of the Baptistery, and an account of Paul Wilson’s life (so far) as a Verger. Nigel also noted the launch of the Friends website at the start of the year, giving greater publicity to the work of the Friends, and drew attention to the fact that 2012 would be the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Friends.

Mick Moore delivered the Treasurer’s report. The bank balance showed a small decline over the year, to £15212.50, after making one grant to PCC to pay for new Cassocks and Cottas. The finances were healthy, and new projects to support the church were being sought.

Mick Moore, Gwen Hallam and Rosemary Barton were re-elected to the committee, and the Chair emphasised, once again, that new members were always welcome on the committee.

Franco-British exhibition of 1908At the conclusion of the meeting, Mick Moore introduced his display of postcards of the Franco-British exhibition of 1908. White City, in SW London, was built for the exhibition, and, as a last-minute addition, the White City Stadium was constructed (in 10 months) to host the 1908 Olympic Games (Originally awarded to Italy, but an eruption by Vesuvius meant that Italian resources had to be diverted from the games). This was news to most (all?) of the audience, and lent an added interest to the postcard display. Amongst many talking points were the elaborate buildings housing the exhibition and the postcard illustrating the Olympic swimming pool, housed inside the stadium, and open-air! Obviously, competitors were made of stern stuff in those days. The display generated several lively conversations, and was obviously enjoyed by all.



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