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The Matchstick Church-August 2013

The last news of the matchstick church was that it was to be housed in the Ringing Room in the church tower. This was not really satisfactory, because it would only be on public view to visitors climbing up to the spire.

The Friends reached an agreement with church officials that the model would go on permanent display in the South Transept, on the Friends display table. As is often the case with even the simplest of plans, there was a breakdown in communication, and for a time the model seemed destined to spend the rest of its existence in constant transit between the Ringing Room and the South Transept-not so much a matchstick church as a yo-yo. Happily, all is now resolved, and the model is on public display on the Friends table. Next time you visit the Crooked Spire, do go and look at it.

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