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Projects Undertaken by The Friends of Chesterfield Parish Church Since 1998


Church Lighting

The Friends have been commissioned by PCC to manage, and part-fund, the design and installation of a new lighting system for the church. This is a major project both for the Friends, and the church. First task for the Friends is to establish a budget and timetable for the work.



Refurbishment of the cloakroom area of the Sacristy. Work complete, fully funded by the Friends.


West door

Refurbishment of church West door. Now complete, and funded by the Friends.


East Window

Following the successful cleaning and refurbishment of the South Transept window in 2011, PCC has decided to have the East Window cleaned.  As 2012 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Friends (November 1942), the Friends committee has offered to pay for the cleaning, to commemorate the anniversary.  This offer has been gratefully accepted by PCC.


North West Door

The external North West door, being both old and exposed to the elements and casual vandalism by late-night revellers, was extensively refurbished in 2010 and 2011 the Friends made a donation of £1,700 to cover the cost of the work.


New Servers' Cassocks and CottasNew Servers' Cassocks and Cottas

The old robes were worn out and needed replacement. The Friends made a grant of £1851.70 to cover the cost of new ones.


Purchase of new hymn books

A straight-forward grant of £1431.50 by the Friends to replace old hymn books and increase the total number of books.


Sacristy door

Originally damaged by intruders, it was hoped that the original medieval door could be restored and preserved. It was taken away for treatment, and the Friends paid £154 for a temporary replacement door. Because of the age of the door, it had to be acclimatised in colder sections of the church before being let out of the building, and then held in various temperature-controlled rooms whilst the examination was carried out. However, at the end of the day, it transpired that the door was beyond repair, and a sympathetic replacement had to be made. This cost £ 2637.87 (which included the structure for hanging the original door in the clock room). Length of time taken - 4 years. This was the Friends  Diamond Jubilee project.


Eucharistic booklets and Renewal of Central Altar Platform

The introduction of “Common Worship” to Anglican churches rendered the existing church Mass books obsolete.  The Friends offer to fund the printing of new service booklets was accepted by PCC.  In the same year, the oak platform behind central altar, an unstable structure on two levels, was replaced by a new single-level platform and the Friends agreed to pay for the work.  Total cost of books and platform £1,250.


Regilding of the Church Clock FacesRe-gilding of the Church Clock Faces

As part of the church’s millennium celebrations, the Parochial Church Council decided to have the four faces of the church clock re-gilded (a project that had been high on the congregation’s wish list for some time).  The Friends contributed £2,000 to the cost of this work.


Replacement keys and new locks

The church, being a very old building, has correspondingly ancient keys and locks to the external doors.  In constant use, they require major maintenance and renewal from time to time, but in a listed building, this calls for skilled craftsmen. The five external door locks were renewed at a cost of £1,000.


Restoration of High Altar cross and candlesticks Restoration of High Altar cross and candlesticks

Refurbishment of the cross and candlesticks at a cost of approximately £1,100.


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