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The Somme. Tuesday 18 October

The Friends were greatly entertained by the Mayor of Chesterfield, Cllr Steven Brunt, who put off his Mayoral Regalia and revealed himself as a knowledgeable and eloquent speaker on the battles of the Somme during the First World War.

Most people have heard of the Somme as a WW1 event, but probably know very little else about it. Steven gave us a very detailed, and fascinating talk, revealing that the Somme was not one, but a series of battles, in which thousands of lives were lost on both sides, but practically nothing gained. Management of the war, on the British side at least, appeared to have been amateurish in the extreme, and we were left wondering how the Allies had managed to win the war!

As well as his talk, Steven showed an extensive selection of slides of the many war cemeteries existing in both France and Belgium, as permanent reminders of the appalling casualties suffered by all nations taking part in “The war to end all wars” as it was optimistically known.

A most interesting and informative evening, which was very well received by the audience.

Battles of Somme
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